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Online Armor Premium Firewall Download

Release Year: 2012
Developer: Emsisoft
Bit: 32bit + 64bit
Compatible with Vista: full
Compatible with Windows 7: full
Language of the interface: Multilingual (Russian present)
Tabletka: Present

System requirements:
- Windows XP / Vista / 7

Online Armor is an innovative firewall that needs a minimum of user attention to enter data and is automatically configured to allow normal Internet traffic. The firewall qualitatively checks and suppresses all attempts to bypass network protection in order to protect your personal data. Spyware will not go unnoticed.

Proactive Defense allows you to monitor programs that may be running or installed on your computer and limit potentially dangerous behavior. Online Armor automatically recognizes known applications and marks them as safe, while advanced settings are available for advanced users according to the rules for programs. Program control is combined with a firewall, so you do not have to allow the same application twice. This firewall protects your PC from external influences, malware, scripts, etc., controls the data that goes to the network.

Key features:
- Online banking mode
- Updates
- File / registry screen
- Execution
Autorun protection - Normal mode
- Detection of keyloggers
- Protection against external influences
- Technical support
- Program monitoring
- Kernel protection mode
- Web screen
- Phishing filter
- Protection against termination
- Firewall
- Advanced mode
- Import / export settings
- Protection against DNS spoofing
- Protection against scripts / internet worms


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