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Acoustica Mixcraft 9 32/64bit DOWNLOAD

 Mixcraft 9 is loaded with new effects from ToneBoosters. A great sounding reverbflexible multi-effects, gorgeous parametric equalizerexcellent compressors and limiters, a highly-effective de-esser, and a whole lot more await you. Plus, Pro Studio users will find the TB FlX and TB FlX4 multiband EQ/compressors and the new TB Dither plug-in to be truly remarkable tools for mastering.

Automation is tremendously enhanced in Mixcraft 9. In addition to curved automation, we've added pitch automation to every audio clip, and a master tempo envelope for smooth tempo ramps. All effect and virtual instrument parameters are now controllable by tempo-synced LFO's for awesome musical and rhythmic effects.

The mixer has received a major upgrade in Mixcraft 9, with the addition of a number of very useful new panels. The new Gain, Preamp, Compressor, Parametric Equalizer, Spectrum Analyzer, and Oscilloscope mixer panels add a lot of utility to an already-powerful mixing environment.

MIDI users will find a lot to love. There are improvements to the piano roll, including remarkable new tools for drawing MIDI controller automation. The new step recording feature enables rapid creation of mono and polyphonic patterns.

The new Acoustica Vocoder effect is an 11-band analog-style vocoder based on classic hardware, and it sounds great! DAW setup of vocoders has traditionally been challenging, but Mixcraft’s new Vocoder Tracks automatically configure all instruments, effects, and routing for instant use.

The addition of Voltage Modular Ignite to Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio delivers the raw sonic strength and flexibility of a massive modular synthesizer to the home recording environment.


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