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Native Instruments – Kontakt 6

 Year / release date : 09/27/2018

Version : 6.0 Build 2
Developer : Native Instruments
Developer’s site : 
Digit capacity : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : Windows 7 or higher, 4GB RAM 
Description :
The new portable version of the high-quality sampler is now with a table-wave engine that allows you to combine synthesis and samples in order to create previously unheard sound landscapes.
New built-in effects: Replika Delay (REPLIKA XT); Reverbs – Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, Plate Reverb;Cry Wah is an emulation of a wrist pedal that has always been popular.
Three new “hybrid” libraries built using table-wave synthesis: ANALOG DREAMS , ETHEREAL EARTH , HYBRID KEYS .
New application for developers – Creator Tools, which allows to debug scripts (Debugger), which facilitates editing of instruments (Instrument Editor) and takes the creation and development of libraries to a new level. 
From the new version went into oblivion: a database of tools (Browser Database tab), the ability to import tools of third-party formats (except Reason formats), VST plug-ins with a limited number of audio outputs (8 and 16out). 
Assembly features :
0. Does not integrate into NI Maschine and Komplete Kontrol!
1. Installation, including additional software (Service Center, Native Access, MS VS C ++ runtime), is not required.
2. All settings are saved in the portable program folder (Windows registry and other system storages are not used, administrator rights are not required * ).
3. The Library Manager is integrated, providing full control over protected libraries, as well as allowing to register unprotected (self-made) libraries without generating nicnt-files.
4. The possibility of simultaneous work with the installed version of the Contact without conflicts and with different settings.
5. No activation of protected libraries is required.
6. Ability to edit password-protected scripts.
7. The possibility of resaving with samples patches protected libraries.
* Requires (super) administrator rights if the portable program folder is placed in protected system storage (for example, in Program Files) – such a location for portable programs is unnatural and is not recommended
How to add Kontakt 6 PORTABLE VST to a host (DAW):
Method 1 :
Run Kontakt6Portable \ Install.exe and create a link to the VST plug-ins of the migrated Contact in one of the folders that are already scanned by your host.
Method 2 :
Open your host settings and add the Kontakt6Portable \ Kontakt \ x64 \ VST \ folder (or Kontakt6Portable \ Kontakt \ x86 \ VST \ if the host does not support 64-bit plug-ins) as an additional plug-in scan folder. For details, refer to the manual (manual) of your DAW.
How to transfer settings and libraries from Kontakt 5.7.x – 5.8 PORTABLE to Kontakt 6 PORTABLE:
0. Close all copies of Kontakt 6 PORTABLE, including VST plug-ins.
1. Copy the UserData folder from the root folder of Kontakt 5 Portable to the root folder of Kontakt 6 Portable.
2. Open the copied UserData folder, find the Kontakt and Kontakt 5 subfolders there. Folder Kontaktdelete. Rename folder Kontakt 5 to Kontakt
3. Open the Settings.cfg file in the copied folder in a text editor, find the line [Kontakt 5] , replace it with [Kontakt Application] Save changes.
Pro tools:
AAX plugins are not in this build.
Kontakt 5 Portable VST plug-ins can be downloaded to Pro Tools (Audioutopia) using the Blue Cat’s PatchWork v2.0 patch panel:
Install Blue Cat’s PatchWork AAX plugins.
Download BC PatchWork Synth to Pro Tools.
Download VST Kontakt 5 Portable to BC PatchWork Synth:

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